Month: October 2017

A Memorable Day

Today’s been a tough day, and not just because I’m turning another year older.

It’s hard to be genuinely happy and excited about your birthday while the nation mourns. My social media feeds are full of well wishes, but they are also packed full of #RIPGord and sad face emojis. The Prime Minister wasn’t giving a public address about my natal day this morning. And I love that we are all full of grief together, a nation united in sadness, but I am also a little bummed that my special day will be remembered as The Day The Music Died.

But that isn’t even what has made it the hardest.

This morning, between the day care and the school, the adults responsible for my son somehow lost him.

The first news I got was that he had missed the bus. The next, that the wrong child had gotten on his bus instead of him.

Now that you can imagine where this is going, imagine my panic. My beautiful boy, all of 3 years old, autistic and severely language delayed, suddenly arrives in a strange place with strange people and he can’t tell them anything – his name, his school, my number… he can’t communicate any of it.

I took a little solace in the fact that the school was the one that called me to inform me that they were already attempting to track him down, and a little more when I remembered that his agenda was in his backpack and it has all the details listed above printed in it very clearly. But his tiny face, crying and sad, haunted my morning.

Miracle upon miracle, upon travelling back to the daycare with the student that had shown up on the bus instead of Grunt, the school discovered he was safe and sound, having never gotten on any busses at all. They scooped him up, took him back with him, and then called me to let me know he was safely in class.

I don’t know what I would have done if MiniSir hadn’t been here, ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice to go find our child. I’m not sure I would have been so calmly letting everyone sort out where he was. More than likely, I would have been vomiting in the garbage bin in the file room. As it was, it was (and is still) very hard to concentrate today.


My birthday.
The Day The Music Died.
The Day My Son Was Lost.

Not often do you get to say any of these things, and especially not together. Tonight, I’m going to eat my feelings and hug the heck out of my little boy. For my birthday wish, I want you all to do the same to your loved ones.

Life is just far too short to say “no” to either cake or love.