6 Years: A Look Back

I’m not going to write some big long empowering speech this year. Truth is, it’s been challenging. I know I can exceed every one of life’s expectation and glide over each hurdle with practiced ease. It just takes a little convincing.

This year, I decided to do a photo essay. Because why not? I like pictures.

This is me, shortly after the accident, taken at Foothills Hospital. The bruises on my arms were the least of my problems. My body was bloated and broken. I don’t know that I smiled for more than a few seconds for each of these photos, and the second one I definitely look like the morphine is working.ED59C042-0352-4356-954B-6B0153138ABF

Weeks later, I’m back in Medicine Hat Hospital and at least I am a shadow of me. I can sit up now (yay!) and have begun the long, long process to walking again. The collection of well wishes I received just kept growing; the cards, love, and the support was unbelievable.  62795A58-2176-4AAD-AC37-109E9AB35DB4

I’m out and about! Trips to Tims in the mornings were somewhat of a routine for Mum and I. However this was also the time they told me that I had gotten the bad touch while in the hospital, and I was yellow-jacketed with an infectious diseases protocol (my second infection of 3 they gave me – huzzah!) Luckily, the OT and PT were super chill, and didn’t mind wearing the yellow coats and gloves 2x a day while I pushed myself to get stronger.9798598A-2A17-4EFB-9828-B2D8CA11326C

The OT made me a sign – he started me calling me “Iron Woman” because of my refusal to give up and my stubborn ability to heal myself. It stuck, and my room was soon graffitied with it.B884D1A2-D12E-49B5-892C-7E2AA83871488D78CA94-B501-4B9F-8B49-19289A17A712And there were some good times – my home support group had a good laugh dressing in their yellow coats (yes, that’s MiniSir in the front). I accepted his proposal of marriage not long after that, while in the exact position I am in the photo. They smuggled me out of the hospital for a day to take me to lunch and shopping for a new chair for home. And MiniSir smuggled in a bottle of wine so we could celebrate our first year together.

19B08D3D-660D-4DB8-91A2-C7C044365965And then the boots came off, and in short order, I was walking by myself! MiniSir thought it was entirely clever to purchase the “Every Day I’m Shuffling” shirt for me, but I didn’t mind; I was shuffling every day, and I liked it! You can also see just how different my skeleton looks now in that last photo – funny what getting run over can do to your body.

6 years down the road, I’ve gained weight, perspective, a husband, a son, a new job, and a whole bucket full of other health issues. But I am who I am because of this whole ordeal:

I am Iron Woman.


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