Month: March 2016

I’m Not Gonna Cry, I’m Not…

We are leaving tomorrow. And I am running around like a crazy person trying to figure out what will expire in our fridge and our pantry while we are gone, because tomorrow is also garbage day; two birds, one stone.

It is my choice to go to Ontario for close to 5 months. It really was my choice, even though I keep walking into Grunt’s room and sighing, knowing that tonight is the last night I will be rocking him in my wooden chair, the same wooden chair my mother rocked me to sleep in, for a long while. MiniSir will be gone for close to 3 months on exercises, and then handing over and starting his new position back at the Regiment, and THEN the Regimental obligations with the Calgary Stampede and Spruce Meadows… We would never see him. It was the right choice, both financially and emotionally, to take Grunt to Ontario for an extended visit with family while he does all of this.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t miss my house, my friends, my familiar shops and even my (sometimes infuriating) neighbours. This morning my cat was sleeping so still and soundly in the sun I thought for sure he had died – he was fine, just in a heavy sleep, but I’m becoming paranoid that something will happen while we are away.

I also constantly feel like I’m going to forget something. Never mind the fact that we are driving across Canada, stopping in all major cities each night and will be near any store I can think of if I do, but still… I just know I’m going to forget something.

And the unspoken feelings between MiniSir and I: this is the longest we will have ever been apart, even including when we were long distance dating between Kingston and Medicine Hat. I’m a lucky military spouse in that sense – his deployment overseas was before my time with him – but any length of time that you are a separated family is difficult; both while you’re apart and when you finally come back together. Whether it is for a week or 5 months or a year, everyone’s routines collide in an epic “can’t you read my mind?!” blow-out.

So when I went grocery shopping yesterday for last-minute items, I may have purchased a lot of comfort food. I made 13 eggs worth of scrambled eggs to freeze yesterday so the eggs didn’t go bad before someone ate them. I have thrown out anything in the pantry that will expire between now and the end of July. And our freezer is jammed full of random leftovers that can be eaten as a single meal sometime down the road. This is how I am coping.

So. If you’re going to be in the Ottawa/Kingston/Toronto corridor over the next little while, let me know. I’m going to have my own vehicle and itching for distractions. Otherwise, I’ll see you all on the other side of the long, long drive.


Free Printables – True Patriot Love series

For those of you that are keeping track, yes, I did have an Etsy shop for a while, selling customized military-themed digital printables. And yes, that shop is now closed. Pity, because I enjoyed doing what I was doing.

However, do not panic! I have recycled the images I was using for that shop, and will be introducing a series of FREE printables here on my blog instead. I am excited to share them all with you!

TPL Printables Banner.jpg

There are 4 different backgrounds available for this first series (click the links below to download):

True Patriot Love – Blue

True Patriot Love – Gold

True Patriot Love – Red

True Patriot Love – Brown

Each PDF file comes with your choice of 8.5 x 11″ background with the phrase True Patriot Love on it, as well as 11 provincial images for you to cut out. You can choose your favourite province, your current province, or every province you’ve lived in! (Note that “11 Canadian Provinces” also includes Yukon Territory – these images were made with military postings in mind).

Please enjoy, tell your friends, and keep your eyes open for the next Flat-Out Whimsy printables series!