Peach Pie Recipe & Printable


You asked, and after the taste testing was over (and approved), I am providing – it’s a printable! I hope it turns out okay (please let me know).

Since I made this pie up off the top of my head, I tried to translate the steps as well as I could, but truth be told it was a lot of fiddling and taste testing. I strongly encourage you to use as much or as little of the ingredients as you like. The measurements I’ve provided are what I went with in the end.

I used Bols Raspberry Liqueur – I was actually looking for Raspberry Grenache to use instead, but went with what I could find. I have used Raspberry Grenache before, so if you’re interested in a more potent and present wine taste in your peaches, you should be able to find it at any large liquor store. It’s usually with the liqueurs and comes in a slim bottle.

I also used Baker’s chocolate, which you can find in the baking goods aisle at any grocery store. But I also know that Callebaut makes bulk white chocolate for those of you in Alberta (which I desperately want to try next time if it won’t break the bank), so if you’re looking to substitute, the Baker’s box is 6 oz, or 3/4 cup brick chocolate.

I make my own pie crust (you can find the recipe for that on my blog too) so I went by the “uncooked shell with cooked filling” instructions for preparing it beforehand.

Please enjoy my pie! It doesn’t have a fancy name yet – if you think of one, I’m all ears. Enjoy!

Get the recipe here: Peach Pie Recipe


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