Month: February 2015

Peach Pie Recipe & Printable


You asked, and after the taste testing was over (and approved), I am providing – it’s a printable! I hope it turns out okay (please let me know).

Since I made this pie up off the top of my head, I tried to translate the steps as well as I could, but truth be told it was a lot of fiddling and taste testing. I strongly encourage you to use as much or as little of the ingredients as you like. The measurements I’ve provided are what I went with in the end.

I used Bols Raspberry Liqueur – I was actually looking for Raspberry Grenache to use instead, but went with what I could find. I have used Raspberry Grenache before, so if you’re interested in a more potent and present wine taste in your peaches, you should be able to find it at any large liquor store. It’s usually with the liqueurs and comes in a slim bottle.

I also used Baker’s chocolate, which you can find in the baking goods aisle at any grocery store. But I also know that Callebaut makes bulk white chocolate for those of you in Alberta (which I desperately want to try next time if it won’t break the bank), so if you’re looking to substitute, the Baker’s box is 6 oz, or 3/4 cup brick chocolate.

I make my own pie crust (you can find the recipe for that on my blog too) so I went by the “uncooked shell with cooked filling” instructions for preparing it beforehand.

Please enjoy my pie! It doesn’t have a fancy name yet – if you think of one, I’m all ears. Enjoy!

Get the recipe here: Peach Pie Recipe


Stay Shiny: A #100DaysofHappy Update

Have we all been taking the time every day to find one thing that made them happy? Are we spreading our positivity around? Is the law of attraction working for you yet?

No? Well, we are only on Day 21 today. Keep working at it!

This week wrapped up MiniSir’s exercise, so we focussed this weekend on spending time as a family. My Day 19 (Saturday) #Happy moment was when we were walking through West Edmonton Mall (on a Saturday, I know) looking to do a few errands, and I managed to find shoes for an upcoming army formal event that are actually heels but don’t make me walk like a trucker. YAY! Granted, the heel is about a half-inch high, but still – they qualify as heels. Big win. We also managed to exchange a sweater I got over Christmas that was unravelling when I opened the present for another nice sweater that seems perfectly intact. I picked up a birthday present for my sister, we avoided Target, AND we managed to get in and out of the parking lot unscathed. HUGE win there.

Sunday we spent hanging out around the house, having late brunches and whatnot. Grunt decided that yesterday was the day he was going to bust out his words, so not only did we get a vigourous “Da-dy” from him, but were also treated to “Ba-ma” (Batman). Someday he may learn “mummy”, but I’m not really holding my breath. Interestingly, his babbles have begun to sound like certain phrases too. I could have sworn he said “yes please” to me the other day after I asked him a question, and this morning he gave me a hug so I said “Thank you for the hug”, to which I am positive he replied, “You’re welcome” in baby babble. My child is either a genius, or I may need more adult interaction. I’ll let you decide which one.

This week I am looking forward to some coffee dates and a real live actual date for Valentine’s Day, where MiniSir and I will be going out without the baby for dinner. We will see if I can communicate in anything other than baby language by then, and if we still remember that we like spending time with one another. Scarrrrrrrry.