(This is Dedicated) To The One I Love

4 years ago today I was preparing to leave a job that had spent the last 2 years and 9 months slowly crushing my soul. I had just gotten a new position somewhere else and couldn’t have been happier. That summer I house sat for a friend who spent her summer working in the military at CFB Suffield, and she emailed me late one night and simply said,”I have found the man of your dreams”. It’s hard to beat an introduction like that. I stalked him on Facebook, found out he was interested in a lot of the same things I was AND he was cute! We traded notes and then phone numbers, so I was also texting with this guy that I really liked, and had been for the last month. Trouble was, he was living in Medicine Hat, Alberta (which I had had to find on a map). But the good news was that he was coming to Kingston for a course and we were planning to meet for real then.

3 years ago today I was lying in my hospital bed in the recovery ward at Medicine Hat Hospital planning my wedding. I had moved out to Alberta to be with the man of my dreams, and while walking to work one Friday morning was struck by a 10-ton, bulletproof truck. This man had dropped everything on the busiest military weekend he had for the whole year and raced to the hospital, and then later the same day driven to Calgary to be with me. He stayed by my side every day, making sure I was comfortable, reading to me and feeding me ice chips. He didn’t protest when I told him that the only thing I wanted to do when I got better was marry him. Little did I know it at the time but he had already put the deposit down on my engagement ring. So there I was, booking the Mess in Kingston where we wanted to get married: “How does a year from today sound?”

2 years ago today I was having an anxiety attack as I watched Kingston get hit with the most severe weather it had seen in a long while. We were catching the tail end of a hurricane and it decided that my wedding day was the day it would roll in. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but I thought this was a little much. And then, during the ceremony, the clouds lifted and the sun came out, like a blessing from above. It was the perfect analogy of how the two of us had spent our last year together, and one of the happiest days of my life.

A year ago today I was throwing up. We had just found out we were expecting. It was scary, and we hadn’t told anyone yet. After every doctor I had seen telling me I probably couldn’t ever conceive after the accident, we were petrified that something was going to go wrong. So every morning when I woke up sick we heaved a sigh of relief that maybe, just maybe, it would be all right.

Today I woke up beside the man of my dreams and our miracle baby. After four years of turbulence, this morning was perfect, utter bliss. He kissed me good morning and we whispered “happy anniversary” to one another over our son. As he left I realized one thing: it’s been heaven and hell combined, but it’s all been for this one beautiful reason.

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart. Here’s to many, many more years of mornings like this one. ❤️


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