Week in Review: A Renewal

Well, howdy. It’s time again for another Week in Review, and let me say that it has been a topsy-turvy kind of a week. Hitting some low notes and peaking at some fantastic highs, it has been another week in keeping with the trend this summer has been setting.

We both had appointments this week, and so we worked around those in our social engagements. However, we managed to fit in a treat on Tuesday evening as we went to Famoso pizza for gelato, and was generously given our scoops for free! The manager, whom we speak to often when we are there (or even walking by), told us we were such great customers that it was on the house. My Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel gelato tasted even better because it was free!

We did help friends with the renovations of their business on Wednesday, to the extent that I made cookies and gave my opinion while Matt did all the helping. On Thursday, Matt’s dad arrived for a week-long visit, and we have been taking in the sights with him. Saturday was a rainy day, and we spent it walking around the West Edmonton Mall, getting some dry exercise – something Matt and I do quite regularly if it is a rainy weekend, since it’s a nice flat surface for me to walk on and it usually tires me out nicely.

On Sunday we had made an appointment at Fort Edmonton Park to take part in their “Weddings Through Time” celebrations with the renewal of our vows at St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church on 1905 St. It was an overcast day, cool and breezy, but that didn’t stop us from dressing up in period-inspired costume for the occasion. During the ceremony, we took advantage of the opportunity to get the officiant to work “even through Time And Relative Dimensions In Space” into the vows (which is epic, btw: we are now sealed to one another again by our vows and TARDIS).

It was a very nice ceremony, and Bob was eloquent and well-spoken, easy to speak to and easy-going. He made us feel as though we were celebrating much more than just being married 10 months ago (which of course we are although he didn’t know anything about that). Nonetheless, it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Wandering through the park afterward, we were able to see a 1920s era wedding re-enactment and partake in some homemade raspberry and coconut wedding cake after the 1900s era wedding celebration. Matt’s dad enjoyed the visit to the Park as well, and was happy to be a part of our small re-dedication ceremony.

Today I have a very important appointment in Calgary with a doctor specializing in occupational medicine. I have no idea what to expect when I’m there, so I’m nervous about the whole thing. I am just hoping that this will result in the definitive diagnosis that I have been missing in my ongoing lawsuit, and that it ends up being exactly what we need to get things moved along to the next stage.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention the “low periods”, but really, I don’t need to. There were tears, many many tears, but I’m working on it and through it and with the help of Matt, my mum, and my therapist, I’m learning things about myself I didn’t realize until now.


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