Week in Review: Flat and Out

Before you ask: No, I did not forget to post on Friday. I just didn’t, or couldn’t to be more precise. I spent an hour with my therapist dealing with a break through and the subsequent non-stop crying, and afterward I was too tired to sit down and go through it all again here.

The weekend was fabulous. We went to a baseball game for free, courtesy of the Edmonton Prospects ball club’s Military and Service Appreciation Day. The weather was gorgeous (a little too nice according to our sunburns) and we enjoyed some quality ballpark hot dogs. We watched the Prospects lose in a 10th inning overturn by the Melville Millionaires, but had a great time. We also went for a BBQ at a friend’s house and enjoyed some giant steaks and corn on the cob.

So in regards to Friday. I realized that, in my sessions I had in Medicine Hat, I was grieving but I wasn’t grieving for me. I was grieving for the miscarriage and my grandfather, but not for me. I lost a piece of myself I’ll never be able to regain and I didn’t even stop to acknowledge it. Needless to say, grieving 2 years after the fact sucks, and probably hurts more than it should. But I have to do it. So I have some upcoming Flat-Out Friday posts that will delve deeper into all this.

Thanks all for your patience and understanding, and enjoy the new blog layout.


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