Week in Review: We Interrupt This Program

“You say you’re ‘depressed’ – all I see is resilience. You are allowed to feel messed up and inside out. It doesn’t mean you’re defective – it just means you’re human.”
― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

We aren’t talking about Saturday. Specifically, we aren’t talking about Saturday between 3-8pm. It doesn’t exist. It has been removed by the temporal police and placed in the Nth Dimension. I don’t care if something important happened to you during that time, because it actually didn’t – it took place before 2pm or after 8pm, you just didn’t notice.

The rest of my week was pretty okay. We went to Date Night at the Devonian Botanic Gardens on Thursday night and had a lovely time. We walked around the Kurimoto Japanese Gardens and visited the Butterfly House. We had bison bratwursts and listened to a bluegrass band. Once the bugs started to come out in full force, we left and headed over to Trivia Night with some friends. We had a wicked awesome time, but I stand by my belief that we actually won and the quiz master was an idiot. See, we got 24/30 right, and the winners got 25/30. The contentious point was a grammar question. AND I WAS WRONG?! Yeah, I didn’t think so. But apparently the wording wasn’t what they were looking for, so it was incorrect. DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT IS THE CORRECT TERM FOR IT AND YOU’RE JUST UNSCHOOLED ENOUGH TO NOT REALIZE IT.

Sorry. But really. A grammar question? That just pisses me off.

Saturday night we went to the late showing of Despicable Me 2. OMGsofunny. The first movie was one of my “recovery” movies. I watched it every day for a couple months after coming home from the hospital because I was guaranteed to laugh each time, and I desperately needed to laugh then. I also desperately needed to laugh Saturday night, so it was off to see the Minions. I loved the fact that the three little girls still had their distinct personalities – Agnes the sweet princess, Edith the now-kung fu wielding ninja, and Margo the clever, newly teenaged oldest. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Gru and his new partner in non-crime Lucy, as it reminded both Matt and I of ours.

Sunday was a long anticipated paintball day for Matt, and I tidied and organized the apartment. You ever wake up one morning and feel like there’s so much clutter you can’t handle it and you need to organize everything right then or it will close in around you and you’ll end up sucked into the void of plastic toys and collectables? Yeah, that was me. It looks fantastic now – just needs a good old fashioned scrubbing down, but that’s something I can do in stages over this week.

But Saturday… yeah. Saturday. Those five hours are gone, guys. Not even in this dimension anymore. I’d apologize, but it had to be done. For the greater good and all that.


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