Week in Review: Heroine Addict

It’s time again for another Week in Review! (If you’re old enough to remember the sketch on The Muppet Show, try saying “Week in Review” like “Pigs in Space”. It’s totally fun.)

First, I’d like to thank everyone for their comments and expressions of love following Friday’s Flat-Out post. As hard as it was to write (and I imagine to read), I needed to do it. This blog is all about me working through my recovery, and for me to do that successfully, the topic was one that eventually needed to be brought up. I feel stronger because of it. Thank you all for choosing to continue on this journey with me.

Second, I’m thrilled to announce that in two days, I will have a visitor! My cousin Nicole is coming from Ontario out to see me. This will be her first time anywhere west of Barrie, Ontario, and will be my first family member aside from my mum to visit me here. She’s coming at a very busy time – the annual Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) celebration of awesomeness is this week, followed by Matt’s spring break. She will get to see the parade associated with the Battle of Moreuil Wood festivities, and I’m trying to get her hooked up with a tour through the regimental stables. The Edmonton Pop Culture Fair is on next weekend, and we’ll be taking her to that. And besides the standard “you gotta see West Edmonton Mall so you can say you saw it” trip, I was also thinking that she’d enjoy the Muttart Conservatory. Given all the snow we just got, a trip to the Devonian Gardens is not feasible, but do any of my friends currently in or familiar with Edmonton have any other suggestions? Matt will be working only 1 day while she’s here, so we will have plenty of time to experience the good stuff. Of course, I could always take her for her first tattoo…

For those wondering, Matt did come home from Wainwright last Thursday. That morning I woke to a snowfall warning advisory and a jubilant text from my husband saying he was coming home at last. At least 8 inches had fallen by the time I went to get him from the base, and I totally made it there in one piece with no problem, bearing two coffees from Timmies. I was pretty proud of myself since it was the first time I’d driven in snow since… well, March 2011. Two years. That’s almost forever. The snow continued through the weekend, and the city finally decided to do some road clearing last night around midnight (I heard the trucks). But we did manage to get out on Saturday and run some errands. Matt got new glasses, we paid for some new paintball gear for him, and we picked up the newest member of our family, Moriarty the betta fish. (I may have also gotten ponies. Nothing like feeding the addiction.) With Matt home again, Sunday was a familiar routine of brunch, video games, naps, and Top Gear over dinner. I have been sleeping much more steadily since he’s been here, and both of us feel like we’re almost not tired anymore.

Looking forward, Wednesday’s post will be short and sweet (since Nicole arrives that day), but Friday I’ll be back with pictures of Matt and I dressed in our best and the highlights of Moreuil Wood. Until next time!



  1. +700 points for the Pigs in Space reference.

    +1000 points for the wonderfully wonderful name for your fish. Please promise to name your next pet Watson.

    -20 points for not showing us the pony swag!

    Also, I was on the road when you posted the baby post. I read it, but commenting via the iPad is a pain and a half some times. Anyway, it was a great post, as in, many great points, not as in great to read about your problems because life has totally not been fair and that's just sucky. Bad life, baaaaad! Also, do you think people will ever learn to mind their OFB (own f***ing business) when it comes to the shape, size, and timing of other people's families?


  2. My vote is to nix WEM (but then I'm a non-fan of malls in general), go to the Muttart (especially if it's snowing, because it's nice and warm in there). Also take in the Edmonton Art Gallery. It's in a new building (I think) since the last time I was there, but their collection isn't too shabby at all. The Royal Alberta Museum is okay. Surprisingly, tours of the Alberta Legislature are really good. I've done it twice and highly recommend it.


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