The Bucket List

This week I’d like to share my Bucket List. Everyone has one, even if you don’t really think about it fairly often. I didn’t think much of it until I met the love of my life, and then suddenly, everything started to matter. I realized that, when we fell in love, I had somehow managed to cross an item off of the List without my realizing.

Yes, my “knight in shining armour[ed vehicles]” was not only on the list, it was in the Top 3. Then, along the way through our first few months together, I discovered there were more items on the List that I hadn’t even realized were included. Things like having a ring on my finger that meant I was taken (not an engagement ring, just some sort of promise ring). Or having two moms (don’t get me wrong: mine is fantastic, but two means that I have double the Mom-itude).

It is nearly 2 years since I moved in with him and began our epic journey together. Here are some more things I’ve crossed off the list in that time:

  • Putting my feet down in every province in Canada (was only at 2, but have upped the count to 5)
  • Riding in the ambulance with the lights on (which is secretly on everyone’s list but no one wants it to be because of them)
  • Private jet ride (see disclaimer above)
  • Box seats at Spruce Meadows, and the subsequent
  • Rubbing elbows with the insanely oil rich and other celebrities
  • Box seats at a professional sports game (which was NHL), and the subsequent
  • Being on international television
  • Standing on Remembrance Day beside a soldier and swelling with pride because of their service
  • Getting married!

Sure, there is a lot more on the List that I haven’t done, but if it wasn’t for MiniSir, good or bad, I wouldn’t have experienced any of these things. In all honesty, I didn’t really start living my life until he came into it. And now that he’s here, the List has changed. It’s now full of things I want us to do together instead of things I wished I could do alone. Things like:

  • Go to Scotland
  • Visit L’Anse Aux Meadows in Newfoundland
  • Take the train through the Rockies
  • Go to Disneyland in California
  • Attend a music festival
  • Go whale-watching
  • Drink wine in France…

Et cetera. I’m so excited to check some of these off the List, and even if I don’t, you know what I’ve learned? I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter because as long as we are doing something together, it’s a perfectly acceptable addition to the List.


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